Teacher Ease (on-line grade access)

teacherEaseTeacher Ease is a new student information system that allows you to go online and check your child’s grades and assignments.  We will be using this for students in grades 3-8 and started in the second quarter of 2014/15.
CLICK HERE to access Teacher Ease…

Please keep in mind: 

  • In classes where there are many grades, where teachers generally give daily assignments, you may find a few very low grades.  Don’t panic!  Your child may have been getting these all along but didn’t choose to share those daily assignments with you.  When there are a lot of grades and only a “few” low scores, this will have little effect of the final grade.  Most often students are allowed to make corrections and if they can and do, that will be noted.  This is a good practice to encourage.
  • Some classes have far less graded daily assignments.  In these classes, grades on tests, quizzes and any assignments there have been, weigh far heavier in the final grade.
  • Teachers are asked to enter grades weekly.  Please bear in mind keeping papers corrected in classes with daily assignments such as math and English is quite a job.  Reading essays and papers, and going through all the steps of a math problem may take longer to grade than a more straight-forward test or worksheet.

This is very exciting but will also be a learning curve for all of us.  Thank you in advance for your patience.  If you have a question, please give us a call.  If we don’t know the answer we will find it for you!