Chaperone Guidelines

ANYONE WANTING TO VOLUNTEER OR GO ON FIELD TRIPS:  If you have not taken the Protecting God’s Children class and want to volunteer with kids in the classroom or by going on field trips (this also applies to family members, or friends) you must take the online class.  It is only offered online.

From the Office of Safe Environment at the diocese of Madison:

For new parents, in order to go on field trips they all need to go to the VIRTUS Registration Link; this is the same link that is at the Diocese of Madison website Safe Environment Page.  I’ve included the link and instructions below.  Any individual who will work with children is required to complete a background check, SRA/required document, and Protecting God’s Children® Online Awareness Session 3.0 training.  If a parent already has a VIRTUS Account, or an OSE Database profile the approach is different.”


“For ease of use and your information, I’ve included the registration link and a link to general instructions for applicants (employees and volunteers):”

VIRTUS Registration Link (new users only; not for individuals who already have a VIRTUS account)
VIRTUS Online Registration Instructions


Chaperone Guidelines (20181119)