Budget & Funding

St. Luke’s is a private, non-profit organization, and as such we rely heavily on donations and fundraisers to support our budget.  Below is a brief outline of how some of our expenses are covered.

Golf Outing-Originally the golf outing proceeds went to the Endowment Fund, but currently proceeds go towards the Technology Fund.

Endowment Fund –The Endowment Fund was set up to ensure future funding for the school by only allowing the interest from the fund to be used.

Tuition and other fundraisers such as the Lucky Luke Calendar Raffle and bulletin advertising go toward helping us meet out budget.  However, the parish still provides funding for about 46% of our budget.

In addition to the above support from our parish and special funds, St. Luke School’s  Home and School Association contribute to the budget.  Their funds come from things such as the Parish Festival, the St. Luke Gala, special raffles, and bake sales.

The Home and School Association has provided teachers with “Wish List” money from the Christmas Raffle, have purchased new playground equipment, funded Opera for the Young and other programs and speakers, and provides miscellaneous help when and where it is needed.  Their fund raising efforts also support things such as sports, field trips, grandparent’s day, and other miscellaneous extra-curricular expenses outside the regular budget.  A large field trip donation also comes from Kraemer Brothers.

General unspecified donations from parents, parish members, alumni or friends of St. Luke’s are also received and put to good use.

We are extremely fortunate to receive the support that all of the above provide.


Don’t worry about anything,
but in all your prayers ask God for what you need,
always asking him with a thankful heart.
Philippians 4:6