“I enjoy St. Luke’s because the teachers are very helpful, and they take the time to answer and help with questions the students have.  The classes are smaller so you all know each other, and the teachers all know you very well.  Teachers have let us help pick some fun projects and field trip ideas.  I am glad I came up to St. Luke’s after St. John’s and got to meet new friends and teachers.”

-Brandon Wastlick
8th grade class of 2014

MUE_CUMMINGS_ALEXIS “My Catholic education is very important to me.  I think I have become a better person by attending a Catholic school because when someone asks for help with  something I am polite and help them answer their questions.  When I am studying for a test, God is there to help me through it and to help me do my best.

I think that going to a Catholic school is great because it teaches you to have more respect for people, and you learn about God.”

-Lexi Cummings
8th grade class of 2014