“St. Luke’s School was a great place for Tim to begin his education.  The teachers did a good job of helping him develop to his potential.  The interaction between age groups was a nice way to learn from older kids and mentor younger students.  Small class sizes allowed for individual progression and learning.  Service projects teach students the value of giving back to the community.”

-Mike & Patty Knoll

Wastlick Family

Wastlick Family

“We are blessed to have two amazing Catholic Schools in our communities with dedicated teachers and staff who nurture our children in mind, body, and spirit.  Our four children attend both St. John’s and St. Luke’s.  Our family has been very happy with our decision to send our children to St. Luke’s after they graduate from St. John’s to continue their Catholic education during the crucial middle school years.  St. Luke’s offers an excellent education, while encouraging respect for yourself and others and teaching/practicing the same Catholic/Christian values we strive to live out at home in our daily lives.  The small class sizes are nice so that teachers know their students better, and the students and school families know each other too.  The older students help the younger students and are also involved in weekly masses and have other responsibilities and service opportunities where students are encouraged to share their unique talents and help others.  Camp Grey is a team building spiritual retreat that the 7th and 8th graders attend, and it’s an awesome experience that my kids look forward to and talk about for years after attending.  My kids have enjoyed participating in sports offered through St. Luke’s and also participating in sports and band offered through River Valley Middle School.  St. Luke’s provides bussing to River Valley to participate in these events, which is extremely helpful.  These are just some of the many reasons we are thankful to have St. Luke’s and St. John’s Schools available to us.  We are thankful for the many dedicated families, parishioners, and staff who work together to keep the schools open and thriving.

-Darrin & Catrina Wastlick

4k & Kindergarten

4k & Kindergarten

“My kids come home excited to tell me about their day and show me the fun crafts they did at school. They talk about helping the teacher and taking turns. Their table manners have even improved and the way they sit politely and quietly when we read at night. In their own terms, they talk about “teamwork.”  When I visited the school I saw the involvement with the older kids, as my son was waving to another girl down the sidewalk and told me she helped him on the computer.  I love what they offer the students.

Their whole focus is on the kids and education rather than expenses. I feel like my sons are a part of a big family rather than just a number passing through. The involvement between teachers and parents and principal is incredible. They make sure we know everything going on and are very efficient at responding to our concerns. The class size is great so our kids get a lot of hands on and visual learning but the different things the school offers is much more than I could imagine. I think it’s great to have my small son come home and tell me his spanish words, and sing me a song in spanish that I don’t understand but he knows all the words. I can’t wait until they are able to be the ones at the programs playing recorders and a guitar. I feel so fortunate to be able to send my children to this great school, they are getting so much experiance that they otherwise may not have been able to get!”

– Abby Slaney

“Made us feel welcome in the community. Love how the kids look out for each other and are happy to see their fellow St Luke’s kids and staff when they see each other outside of school.”

– Dawn & Kirk Williams

“At St. Luke’s, my children feel like their teachers really care about them personally and their academic success. They are more self-confident in their studies, are developing good study habits and have higher expectations for themselves. My only regret is that I didn’t send them sooner.”

-Kim Emerson


“It has opened up the topic of religion into our household where it really wasn’t present before. It has also created a small, familiar group of friends and staff that my child and us as parents can be familiar with.”

“The atmosphere in the school is amazing. The kids are so respectful and well behaved. The older kids watch out for the younger kids.  It is a sense of family.”

“They are learning so much more than what can be taught from a textbook. The faith formation is contributing to their lifelong values. Our family is quite involved in the school and wants it to succeed for many years to come.”

“St. Luke’s has made our family feel welcome and comfortable being part of the church and school. Our children consider the staff extended family, and they look forward to going to school everyday to learn and experience new things.”

“I personally never thought that I would send my child to a private, much less catholic based school – though this has only turned out to be a benefit for them. I, myself, am not all that comfortable and/or familiar with religion and St. Luke’s has found a way to provide this to the students in a manner that is just right.”

-Anonymous, Parent Survey 2014

“Our kids have flourished at St. Luke’s. I was sold after the first couple of weeks of 3-year-old preschool.”

-Cheryl Wittmann

“The teachers are outstanding. It truly is a family there. I have no concerns leaving my children there and know they are learning outstanding values and a top-notch education.  They also have learned outstanding study habits which have helped them tremendously in High School, and I’m sure this will carry over into college.”

-Todd Clary