Home & School

The St. Luke’s Home and School Committee would love to welcome new members!

Home & School is a parent organization that supports the school is a variety of ways.  All parents are considered members of the Home & School Association.  The committee is a vital part of every child’s education.  Funds raised by the committee are used to supplement the school budget.

The following have been funded or partially funded by Home and School:

• Music Teacher
• Spanish Teacher
• Kindergarten Aide
• New Playground Equipment
• Musical Instruments
• Volleyball Equipment
• Catholic School’s Week Activities: Bucky Badger Reading Night and Dome Presentation
• Smart Boards
• Laminator
• Motion-sensor faucets in restrooms
• Coaches gifts/shirts
• Teacher’s wish list

Each classroom has parent representatives.  These representatives help organize activities sponsored by the classroom.

They help the students with our Christmas outreach project “The Giving Tree.”  After students donate for families who need some help providing gifts, the H & S classroom representatives do the shopping.  The students wrap the gifts and deliver them to the bank to be distributed.

Each classroom representative  is in charge of organizing, and finding help, for projects and fundraisers that provide the school with needed funds, and give families, students and staff the opportunities to build community by working together on the various activities.

The Home & School reps meet every other month and are always looking for people with energy and good ideas to join in their efforts.

Please call the school to find out how you can become involved!